Why Choose SANICAT for Your Cat's Litter Box?

The decision to raise a cat to share your home may seem exciting and wonderful, and of course it is; But it entails many responsibilities related to the intensive care that ensures the comfort of this cute creature, and at the same time ensures your comfort and the comfort of those with you at home.

Among these important things that must be paid attention to, which are considered essential cat supplies: It is cat litter and its own box, or the so-called “litter box,” which is the place where the cat relieves itself. It is important to buy a type of litter that suits your cat and commit to changing it at the appropriate time in order to maintain the health of your cat and also the cleanliness of your home.

SANICAT for Cats: Keeping Felines Pest-Free

SANICAT is considered one of the best and most famous types of cat sand ever, as its composition resembles small crystal grains. It is also distinguished by its ability to absorb any unpleasant odors and also absorbs urine and moisture, due to its composition of certain materials similar to a sponge in its absorption.

This type of sand is also characterized by its ability to absorb the types of bacteria and fungi that cause mold in the sandbox, thus protecting your cat from contracting any diseases. It also has the ability to absorb odors for up to 30 days.

 SANICAT is one of the best products that you can ever use in a cat box, as it contributes to keeping cats clean and free of diseases or infections that affect cats as a result of the secretion of ammonia.


When it comes to choosing cat products, the situation becomes more delicate. These delicate creatures need extreme care and constant consideration, so SANICAT provides safe environmental sanitizers to dispose of your cat’s waste in a safe way, without any unpleasant odors at all. In addition, SANICAT limits the spread of respiratory infections. Which infects cats in the process of secreting ammonia, thanks to the active oxygen molecules present in the sand.


How SANICAT Works its Magic

How SANICAT Works its Magic

 SANICAT contains active oxygen, which is usually used to dissolve or analyze ammonia that cats produce in large quantities during the urination process. Ammonia often causes serious harm to cats, such as severe eye inflammation, skin irritation, or respiratory system infection, which may result. It causes serious damage that may be costly when you visit the doctor.

But through SANICAT products, we were able to provide you with a healthy and safe environment for your cat, as active oxygen contributes to eliminating ammonia and analyzing it completely, thus ensuring a safe and healthy environment completely free of diseases.

In addition, when the urine is mixed with the sand components, it produces solid clumps that do not contain dust or unpleasant odors at all, and thus disposing of cat litter becomes easier and safer.

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Dosage and Application: Ensuring Your Pet's Safety

At least 50 grams of SANICAT are placed in the litter box. Please clean the box, remove sediment on a daily basis, and dispose of them in a safe manner by using the equipment designated for that.

Safety Considerations and Side Effects

When it comes to SANICAT, there are some safety issues that you should consider carefully, such as:

Health and safety

Safety should be your first concern when deciding on cat litter. If cat litter is not safe for your cat, regardless of its other benefits, then you should automatically stay away from it. 

Some common safety concerns you'll find with cat litter include respiratory problems for both humans and cats, chemical preservatives that are toxic, and strong fragrances that cause sinus problems.


In the past, owning a cat often meant accepting that you would find small traces of sand all over your house. Cat litter usually results in unwanted dust throughout the house, which for most people can be a downside to owning and raising cats. 

So if you want to keep your home clean and dust-free, look for the best type of cat sand that provides you with that. In particular, you will find that clumping sand is the best option when prioritizing the cleanliness of your home.

Agglomeration ability

Clumping cat litter has many benefits. Cat owners generally prefer clumping litter because it makes cleaning the litter box easy and mess-free. Cats often appreciate this too because it means their litter box is cleaner. 

However, sand agglomeration is not without drawbacks. For example, clumping sand can be extremely dangerous if ingested by a cat. If you want to get the benefits of clumping while avoiding the risks of your cat eating sand.


Cats have twice as many smell cells as humans, with about 200 million, making their sense of smell extremely sensitive. Whether we're talking about a smelly litter box or a box full of artificial fragrances.

Your cat won't be happy with any odors coming from her litter box. Instead, it is better to choose natural scents. So avoid sand made with artificial fragrances.

Choosing SANICAT: Why It's the Top Choice

Choosing SANICAT: Why It's the Top Choice

There are many reasons and possibilities that make SANICAT the best choice for cat breeders, such as:

  • SANICAT helps you dispose of your cat's waste in a safe manner on a daily basis.
  • It contains a group of granules that can be clumped. As soon as the cat’s droppings come out, clumps form, which facilitates the process of quickly getting rid of the waste.
  • It protects your cat from contracting many diseases that affect the eyes, ears, and respiratory system, and may sometimes reach the point of asthma.
  • It contains active oxygen, which contributes to getting rid of ammonia and eliminating unpleasant odors.


SANICAT has many benefits, whether for you as a breeder or for your pet cat. It protects your cat from contracting any type of bacteria or disease as a result of its contact with waste. It also helps your cat train to relieve itself easily in the designated place. 

At the same time, it protects you as a breeder and also protects all members of the house from contracting any diseases as a result of contact with this waste.