Pets Republic Foam Shampoo with Argan 500 ml


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Dry Foam Shampoo from Pets Republic®
Pets Republic Foam Dry Shampoo removes excess oils, dries quickly and is waterless to protect cats and puppies during the winter and between seasons.

Pets Republic® foam shampoo is characterized by the least foam (innovative rich creamy foam), heavy and free of water to protect dogs and cats from colds and health issues.

Pets Republic® shampoo foam is fast to disappear with massaging and combing without leaving the animal wet or any traces of water.

It adds a waxy substance as a coating to the hair that you will not find in any other product and it is an innovation of Pets Republic® exclusively, and the waxy substance works to preserve the water and fat content of the hair in addition to preserving the acidity factor, so you can find a wonderful texture and appearance for your pet for the longest period possible during the winter season.

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