Perfecto Dog Soft Chunks with Poultry 200g


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Supplementary feed for adult dogs. These soft chunks are the ideal reward for on-the-go. The snack is ideal as a small snack between meals and for daily enjoyment; it was also shaped and gently baked. Grain-free recipe !!

Shipping weight: 0.240 kg
Item Weight: 0.200 kg

Meat and animal by-products (75% of poultry), vegetable by-products, oils and fats, and minerals.

Analytical components:: Crude protein 43%, fat content 14%, crude ash 10%, crude fiber 0.3%, moisture 20%.
Additives: Nutritional additives/kg:
vitamin A 5,000 IU, vitamin D3 500 IU, vitamin E 50mg, copper (copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate) 10mg, zinc (zinc sulfate, monohydrate) 50mg, zinc (glycine zinc chelate hydrate (solid )) 50mg, iron (iron (II) sulfate, monohydrate) 200mg, manganese (manganese (II) sulfate, monohydrate) 15mg, iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 1.3mg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.2mg.
Technological additives: antioxidants and preservatives.
Feeding recommendation:
Weight dog Daily ration
1-5 kg 3-10g / approx. 1 piece
5-15 kg 10-20g / approx. 3 pieces
15-30 kg 20-35g / approx. 5 pieces
30-50 kg 35-50g / approx. 7 pieces

As a snack in between. This product is not a substitute for the daily complete food. Feed sparingly in view of the additional energy supply. Please always provide your pet with sufficient fresh water (room temperature). Store cool and dry. Always close the opened bag tightly.

A Taste Sensation for Your Canine Companion

Indulge your furry friend with Perfecto Dog Soft Chunks with Poultry 200g, a delectable treat that will have their tail wagging in excitement. Made with love and care, these soft and tender chunks are a true delight for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Give your beloved pet a taste sensation they won't be able to resist.

  • Irresistibly tender and flavorful: Perfecto Dog Soft Chunks with Poultry 200g are crafted with premium-quality poultry, cooked to perfection to create soft and tender chunks that melt in your dog's mouth. Each bite is a burst of savory flavor that will have them coming back for more. Watch their eyes light up with joy as they savor the irresistible taste of these delectable chunks.

  • Made with love and care: At Perfecto Dog, we understand that your pet's well-being is of the utmost importance to you. That's why our Soft Chunks with Poultry are made with love and care, using only high-quality ingredients that meet the highest standards. Give your dog a treat that not only satisfies their cravings but also reflects the care and dedication you have for their happiness and health.

  • A rewarding treat for good behavior: Whether you're training your dog or simply want to show them some extra love, Perfecto Dog Soft Chunks with Poultry 200g are the perfect reward. The soft texture of these chunks makes them highly enticing, capturing your dog's attention and motivating them to learn and obey. Strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend through positive reinforcement and a delicious treat.

Wholesome Nutrition in Every Chunk

Perfecto Dog Soft Chunks with Poultry 200g not only tantalize your dog's taste buds but also provide them with essential nutrition. These treats are carefully formulated to support your pet's overall well-being, ensuring they receive a snack that nourishes their body.

  • Protein-rich for muscle health: Each Soft Chunk is packed with high-quality poultry, offering a generous amount of protein. Protein is vital for maintaining strong and healthy muscles, supporting your dog's physical activities, and overall vitality. Treat them to a snack that not only satisfies their cravings but also supports their muscular health.

  • Balanced and nutritious: We believe in providing your dog with treats that contribute positively to its overall diet. Perfecto Dog Soft Chunks with Poultry 200g are thoughtfully formulated to be balanced and nutritious, ensuring they complement your pet's regular meals without compromising their health. With these treats, you can indulge your dog without guilt, knowing that you're providing them with a snack that nourishes their body.

  • Easy to digest: The soft and tender texture of these chunks makes them easy to chew and digest, making them suitable for dogs of all ages, including puppies and senior dogs. Ensure your pet's comfort and well-being with a treat that is gentle on their digestive system, allowing them to enjoy every bite without any discomfort.

 Treat Your Dog to Pure Joy and Happiness

Perfecto Dog Soft Chunks with Poultry 200g are not just treated; they are moments of pure joy and happiness for your furry friend. By choosing these delicious and nutritious chunks, you're not only satisfying their cravings but also adding a touch of delight to their day.

  • Create moments of bonding: Treat time is an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. With Perfecto Dog Soft Chunks with Poultry 200g, you can create special moments of bonding and affection. As your dog eagerly awaits their treat, enjoy the heartwarming connection that forms between you and your loyal companion.

  • Promote overall well-being: A happy dog is a healthy dog. By treating your pet to Perfecto Dog Soft Chunks with Poultry, you're contributing to their overall well-being. The joy and satisfaction they experience from these treats translate into a happier disposition, promoting their mental and emotional health.

  • Bring excitement to their day: Life should be filled with excitement and happiness, and the same goes for your dog. Perfecto Dog Soft Chunks with Poultry 200g bring a sense of excitement and anticipation to your dog's day. Surprise them with a delicious treat that adds a spark of joy and makes every moment together more memorable.

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