Josera Josicat Duck & Fish 18kg


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Tasty kibble refined with duck and fish

Complete feed for adult cats Exquisite meal with the mouth-watering taste of duck and fish Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cats No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives No added soy, sugar or milk products

Complete feed for adult cats.

  amount of food
JosiCat JosiCat DUCK & FISH / 24 h
2 - 3 kg 45 - 65 g
3 - 4 kg 60 - 85 g
4 - 5 kg 75 - 95 g
5 - 7 kg 85 - 130 g




Complete feed for adult cats.

Composition: cereals; meat and animal by-products (duck meat meal 4 %); vegetable by-products; fish and fish by- products (4 %); oils and fats; minerals;

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