Bestpet Adult Dog Dry Food With Fish & Rice 15 Kg

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Bestpet Adult Dog Dry Food With Fish & Rice 15 Kg

Bestpet Adult Dog Fish Formula's Antiaging complex provides the development of special immunity. Reduces the level of LDL cholesterol. Protects against pathogenic microflora in the intestines and supports the liver.

The formula of Bestpet Adult Dog Fish Formula helps protect cardiovascular health. It positively affects the balanced, rich vitamin and mineral structure.

Product Content:
Dried salmon protein, dried chicken protein, wheat flour, baldo rice, corn, salmon oil, refined chicken oil, carob, nucleotide yeast protein, dried sugar beet, minerals, prebiotic mannan oligo saccarides.

Protein: 23%
Fat: 12%
Crude ash: 9%
Hem cellulose: 4%
Vitamin A: 20000.00 IU/Kg
Vitamin D3: 1200.00 IU/Kg
Zinc: 60.00 mg/k
Vitamin C: 120 mg/kg
Selenium: 0.16 mg/kg

Made in Turkey

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