best wet food for urinary health in cats

The best wet food for urinary health in cats is designed to address the bothersome problems that lead to uncomfortable and frequent urination in your cat as well as to prevent potentially fatal blockages.

There are several possible risks to a cat's urinary health, ranging from crystals and stones to urinary tract infections. Fortunately, a lot of these unpleasant and painful illnesses may be properly treated with diets recommended by veterinarians. 

What Is Urinary Cat Food?

Most formulae for pee-feeding cats aim to make the urine more acidic. 

With the wet food for cats with urinary problems, certain minerals, like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, are restricted in urine diets, which helps prevent infections or other more widespread disorders that might lead to feline urinary syndrome or FUS.

Low magnesium content in the urinary diet helps maintain the urinary tract's health and prevents the recurrence of calcium oxalate and struvite stones. 

Some meals are intended to aid with various urinary disorders. Important information: Before giving your pet a therapeutic veterinary food, please speak with your veterinarian. 

Every six months, you should take your pet for a checkup at the veterinarian. If your pet's health deteriorates while taking this medication, please contact a veterinarian right once. 

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Best wet food for urinary health in cats

What cat food dissolves crystals? The best raw cat food for urinary problems can be in one of the following products:

Best Wet Food for Urinary Health in Cats

1. Succulent Chicken Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau:

When feeding a cat that is susceptible to urinary tract illness when the food is extremely moist, water is essential. It's an 80% moisture soup-style dish. Sunflower seed oil combines with chicken broth to create a tender and juicy dish.

Since the meal is created from chicken meat that doesn't have a lot of bone or connective tissue, it has a relatively low ash content and shouldn't put your cat in danger of urinary tract crystals. Its pH is maintained within a carnivore-appropriate range by its meat-centric, species-appropriate component list.

This meal is one of the best wet cat food for uti and a great choice whether or not your cat is prone to urinary tract problems since it has all the characteristics we look for in a urinary diet, an ingredient list that is typically carnivore-worthy, and a track record of taste.

2.Hill's Science Diet Wet Cat Food, Adult, Urinary & Hairball Control:

  • I would strongly advise you to try Hill's Science Diet wet food as the Best wet cat food for urinary health without a vet prescription if you're searching for the best cat food for urinary problems that would do well in all categories—quality ingredients, promote cat urinary health, and help prevent hair build-up. There are two sizes for the pack: 2.9 oz and 5.5 oz.  
  • Because cats are, well, cats and occasionally they reject foods without any apparent reason, start with the smaller size. My cat will be the only cat who finds tuna strange in the entire world! 
  • To maintain the health of your senior cats, this adult cat has the right amount of proteins, omega fatty acids, and vitamin E. The urinary system, which is the first organ to suffer as a cat age, may be supported with the right amount of magnesium. 
  • According to the manufacturer, fiber has also been added to this urine-producing wet cat food to facilitate easy hair passage and prevent the creation of hairballs in your cat's digestive tract.  
  • I like that actual chicken, not by-products, is listed as the first component on the label. 
  • Numerous customers have conveyed their trust in the company to provide the ideal diet. It's noteworthy to note that some individuals began using this as the finest meal for urine-producing cats as soon as their cats reached adulthood. 
  • I'm only a little worried about the addition of soybean meal, corn starch, and pig by-products. Thus, cats with sensitive stomachs can find it inappropriate.

3.Restricted Urinary Tract Evanger's EVx

  • For cats that are prone to urinary struvite crystals and urinary pH imbalance, Evanger's EVx Restricted Diet Urinary Tract Recipe is the best wet food for urinary health in cats and a perfect solution.  
  • These ingredients, which were created in consultation with nutritionists and specialists, are basic, easily recognized, and developed by AAFCO guidelines for all life stages.
  • Produced in Markham, Illinois, this meal consists of just a few primary ingredients (boneless chicken, tomato paste, cranberries, and blueberries), as well as three unique ingredients and necessary vitamins and minerals. 
  • To avoid bladder stones and struvite crystals, Alltech Acid Balance lowers the pH of the urine. Alltech NVGEN is a supplement that feeds the gut nutrients called postbiotics that it isn't currently producing well on its own. It is manufactured from yeast and yucca extracts. Additionally, actogen—a concoction of yeast, chicory root, and yucca—supports a healthy digestive system.
  • It contains extra omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to nourish skin and hair and is free of grains and gluten.  
  • The steel cans' labels, which are made of recycled paper, attest to their lack of bisphenol-A (BPA). This is an extra plus. Though this recipe isn't kosher, Evanger's provides over 40 recipes that have been approved as kosher for cats by the Chicago Rabbinical Council, for individuals who need to feed their cats a kosher diet.

4. Royal Canin Urinary SO Canned Cat Food For dissolves crystals:

While it lacks the additional benefits of lowering stress, this prescription wet food from Royal Canin provides many of the same advantages as Hill's recipe mentioned above.  

It helps prevent crystals and stones by making your cat generate more pee and lowering the ion content in the urine. 

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How We Made Our Selections

We made our selections about the wet food for cats with urinary problems in cats by the dietary guidelines that follow, along with product suggestions, including being given after consultation with professional veterinarians who treat feline patients with urinary tract problems regularly. 

Scientific research, mentioned where applicable, also supports general suggestions. 

Based on the unique risk factors associated with your cat, your veterinarian will recommend the healthiest diet for them.

Tips for Switching Your Cat to an Urinary Diet

The following advice you should consider with the best wet food for urinary health in cats will assist you in altering your cat's diet and introducing a new meal to them with success:

Consume the best wet food for urinary health in cats to Help Them Change 

There are many reasons to consider switching up your cat's diet, whether you have a new kitten that needs to be weaned, an adult cat that is getting close to senior year, or a kitten that is grown up already. 

A veterinarian's recommendation is another typical reason to change your cat's diet, in addition to natural aging. 

A new meal made with those needs in mind may be just what your cat needs to help them lose weight or control their excessive hairballs.

Ensure that the new food will meet your cat's nutritional demands, regardless of the cause of the diet change. In this manner, you may prevent disturbing them by not altering the pattern too frequently and only need to make the shift once.

Gradually Introduce the New Food 

The best method to gradually introduce a new diet to your cat is to go cautiously. To begin, combine 25% fresh food and 75% known food. Over the following three days or so, gradually alter the proportions by giving them less of their usual food and more of the new stuff.  

Consider it a form of weaning; by the time this is done, your cat should only be eating the new food and you should be feeding them.

At first, your cat could decide to stick to eating the same meal or not eat anything at all.  However, skipping meals for a day or two won't harm a healthy cat's health. In this race, consistency, slowness, and steadiness prevail!

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

If someone attempted to make you eat something weird that you didn't want to eat, how would you feel?

Declaring that your cat must eat the new food aggressively and throwing it into its bowl might encourage your cat to do everything other than eat!

A small amount of tact in your approach makes a big difference. Encourage your cat to try the new food by speaking in a friendly tone of voice. A soft approach works far better than an aggressive one, even if they don't go for it at first.

Resist Challenging Offers 

We train cats just as much as they train us. Granting their requests confirms that it is okay for them to refuse the new food of best wet food for urinary health in cats or others, which ultimately makes the switch to the new diet much more difficult.

Thus, persevere! During the first three days, resist the want to offer your cat snacks or leftovers from the table, and don't give in to the temptation to go back to their usual diet.

Be Prepared for a Difficult Transition from Wet to Dry Cat Food 

Although this is the most difficult dietary shift of all, a few strategies help ease the adjustment. Try briefly adding warm water to the dry cat food and heating it in the microwave if your cat refuses to eat it for more than a few meals.

If you combine dry food with water to prevent it from spoiling, remember to discard any leftovers not consumed within 20 minutes. (Wet food follows the same rule.) You may gradually switch to providing the same dry food after your cat acclimates to the wet version.

Sometimes, you have to adjust your cat's food to ensure a happy and healthy life for them. Changing what, how, or how frequently you feed your cat may be demanding, but you can do it! 

You'll be providing your cat with what they need and assisting them in adjusting as smoothly as possible if you go carefully, remain patient and encouraging, adhere to the plan, and simplify the adjustment as much as possible.

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What to Consider in a Cat Food for Urinary Tract Health?: Uti cat food

3 things that we must take into account besides in a uti cat food: 

Best Wet Food for Urinary Health in Cats
  1. Prescription versus over-the-counter:

This is the most crucial thing to consider when selecting wet cat food for urinary tract. A prescription diet is often the best option if your cat has been diagnosed with urinary tract problems; your cat's treating veterinarian should advise you. Only prescription diets should be provided; no extras or snacks should be provided. 

It's crucial to stay with a single brand of prescription diet if your treating veterinarian has advised one. Because various brands function differently, it is not advisable to mix or feed them at the same time. You can feed dry and wet feeds from the same brand simultaneously.

  1. Wet versus dry:

Wet food for cats with urinary crystals includes more moisture than dry diets; moist foods are often recommended to help avoid or lower the likelihood of recurrence of urinary difficulties in cats. Urinary tract problems are less common because of the increased ability of moisture to wash out the urinary system and lower urine concentration. 

If your cat dislikes wet food, try adding warm water to their dry food or using a water fountain to encourage them to drink more water.

3. Full and balanced:

After taking into account your cat's health and the advice of your veterinarian, the most crucial thing to remember when selecting a meal is that it should be balanced and complete for the cat's life stage.  

Make sure it complies with FEDIAF or AAFCO pet food control criteria to guarantee your cat gets all the nutrients they need in the right amounts.


In my opinion, Hill's Science Diet Wet Cat Food, Adult, Urinary & Hairball Control is the best wet food for urinary health in cats. I chose this version mostly because my cat would never approach the water bowl unless she is in dire need of a drink. Furthermore, there's no getting her to drink more water.